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ESM Is an intelligent system for Office A/C systems using IoT devices in conjunction with the ESM dashboard for centralized workflows in unison throughout the country by using the principle of adjusting the operating mode of A/C in relative to the environment at that time automatically, which results in significant electricity saving each month.

Our solution allow us to manage and operate A/Cs from centralized location

Our smart interface can monitor and detect unusual power usage and alert for prompt actions

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Investment SCHEME

Our solution is an annual subscription-based with expected break-even at 7-9 months


IST was established with a mission to help businesses reduce energy consumption for the organization's sustainability. By making the most efficient use of domestic resources.

We are a startup company that started in early of 2020 but started developing products and testing equipment since 2018 until we can launch ESM platform successfully and can reduce energy by 20-30% from actual installation.